Nashville Truck Accident Attorneys

Nashville Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck accidents involving tractor-trailer are very dangerous and one of every eight traffic fatalities involves a trucking collision according the USDOT. In 2016, there were 475,000 truck accidents and human error accounted for 90% of them.

Tennesseans share the road with semi tractor trailers every day. One Harvard study found that 50% of the large truck accidents were caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

If you are your loved one is involved in a deadly tractor-trailer collision, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer. Truck drivers are insured by multiple agencies for millions of dollars. An experienced truck accident attorney will ensure your case in handled professionally and for the highest settlement based on your injuries.

Jim Tiller Law and our experienced team of truck accident professionals will aggressively represent those injured by a careless truck driver or negligent trucking company.

Tennessee truck injury accident cases must be handled with care because there are numerous factors involved and often times these accidents involve greater injuries compared to most car accidents. It is important to seek legal guidance from experienced Nashville truck accident attorneys because you will be facing huge multimillion-dollar insurance companies who will try and settle quickly and for a low amount.

Before you sign any documents, Call Jim Tiller Law for a FREE consultation. Our experienced team of truck accident attorneys will be happy to review your case. The truck companies have teams of lawyers on staff, shouldn’t you have representation of an attorney who is looking out for your best interests?

If you or your loved one has been involved in a truck accident, call Jim Tiller Law for a FREE consultation. And remember, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Call today (615) 242-1258 for your no-risk FREE consultation. No fee till we WIN your case.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is a time limit to file your case. Do not delay. If the statute of limitations runs out, you will not be able to file your case and you will not be entitled to compensation for your injuries from your truck accident.

The Top 4 Reasons for Truck Accidents

  • Driver Error
  • Poor Maintenance Practice
  • Equipment Failure
  • Improperly Loaded Cargo

Call today (615) 242-1258 for your no-risk FREE consultation. No fee till we WIN your case.

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