Sexual Harassment Lawsuits in Tennessee

Sexual Harassment can take many forms and is not always easy to identify. The harasser may be a supervisor, co-worker, or a client of the company. Typical examples include: making sexual comments in the workplace, sending sexual emails, inappropriate jokes or pictures, inappropriate touching, and unwanted requests for dates or sexual favors.

Other forms include gender-based harassment:

  • Calling a colleague derogatory names or making sexist comments
  • Telling jokes that are derogatory to women, or lesbian-gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.
  • Making general comments that women do not belong in management or leadership positions, or other comments based on gender stereotypes
  • Hostile workplaces

If you believe you have been harassed by someone in the workplace, call Jim Tiller Law and schedule your free consultation.  All calls are confidential.  You are not alone These cases are often difficult to discuss, and we represent victims with sensitivity, integrity and empathy. You are not alone.

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